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Sistema de extinción de incendios

Water treatment

Tailor made systems

We are representatives of the EVALED brand in Mexico.

EVALED offers a unique solution in the market allowing waste effluents to evaporate by generating a partial vacuum, with this we obtain the following advantages

  • Reduction of the volumes of effluent to be disposed of

  • water reuse

  • Recovery of substances (oil and metals)

  • Recirculation of the concentrate in the production process (for chrome and nickel plating)

  • ZLD(Zero Liquid Discharge)

  • TZD(no residue to be removed, neither solid nor liquid)

With the integral systems we manage to recover the water with a great quality, which can be reused in the process again, and a reduction to sludge of the residues to be discarded.

Evaled evaporators are specialized for the metalworking industry and solutions for the surface finishing industry.

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