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OpenProg is an open-source utility that helps you to check various devices such as serial ports.Configuring OpenProg:1. Open in the 'Windos Explorer' an.ini file located in the root of the program.2. If you use Windows Vista, Windows7 or Windows 8 you need to go to the folder "Application Data\OpenProg" to locate the configuration file.3. Change the attributes as you wish.4. Close the Configurations file and delete it.To open the openprog.ini file:5. Click on your desired icon.6. In 'Open with' select 'openprog.ini'.7. In 'Open with' select 'notepad'.To save the openprog.ini file:8. Click on your desired icon.9. In 'Save As' select 'openprog.ini'.10. In 'Save As' select 'openprog.ini'.11. Close the openprog.ini file.12. Double click to edit the file using notepad.OpenProg - FAQ1. What is the 'Build Engine'?The build engine is the code that manages the process of searching for the serial port and executes the drivers and the commands sent from the controller.2. How to compile the source code?There are two methods for compiling the source code.1- Install Windows SDK and Microsoft Visual Studio.2- Use the OpenProg Visual Studio Solution (.sln) directly.More information:- Open the 'openprog-build-engine' folder and follow the Read Me file.3. Why do not I see the device in "Device Manager"?It is due to the fact that for some serial ports or serial channels are drivers installed by using the default installation of Windows.4. How do I compile and make the OpenProg on Mac OSX?In order to compile the code on Mac OSX you need to install the Xcode command line tools. You can download the Xcode Developer Tools for Mac OSX.5. What serial ports do I check?Now OpenProg checks the following serial ports:- COM: COM 3 (Control panel settings -> Ports)- RS232-ALF: /dev/tty.SL21 (7:0: 08929e5ed8

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